Effective Date: June 4, 2019.

Devices must meet some minimum requirements to be able to earn money with PhonePaycheck. Those requirements are:

  • Linux Kernel >= 3.8
  • Number of Cores >= 2
  • Minimum Clock Frequency >= 1GHz
  • RAM >= 768 MB
  • Free Memory >= 1 GB

You can find out if your device meets the minimum requirements by installing PhonePaycheck on your device and checking the Device Properties page within the app. If it does meet the requirements, your device will be automatically place on our Waiting List. You can also find out from the Device Properties page within the app which earnings category your device is in (Gold, Silver, or Bronze).

For reference, here is a list of device models which have met these requirements for at least some devices, along with their Device Performance Rating (DPR) and Device Performance Category (DPC). By popular request, we give a table of just the Gold devices, just the Silver devices, just the Bronze devices, and then a table of devices which have failed to meet our requirements, and the reasons why they failed.

CAVEATS and DISCLAIMERS: These lists of devices are for your convenience and general reference only. We are not endorsing any particular brand or device model. These are our genuine observations based on about 30,000 devices, and we hope that these observations will be useful to you. But they are not guarantees of performance or payment. Some individual devices with a given Model name may have different performance or properties than listed here (for example, some devices have different power-saving options in which they shut down some of their CPU cores, or throttle their clock rates, which can temporarily or permanently affect their DPR and DPC ratings; some devices may have different Linux Kernels or Memory sizes than the ones we have observed; some devices mis-report their CPU information, or report it inconsistently). We are sorry that we cannot assume any liability for any device that you may own or purchase. Our thresholds for Gold, Silver and Bronze, and Minimum Requirements may be changed without notice, and our algorithm for computing Device Performance Rating may be changed without notice.

To help you judge the uncertainty about any particular device model, we are providing the Count (the number of devices we have seen with the Most Common Rating), and the Number of Contradictions (the number of devices we have seen that received a different rating that pushed it into a different Category). Devices with a high Count and zero Contradictions are reliably reporting their CPU characteristics to us, and we have high confidence in their ratings. Devices with a low Count means we just haven't seen many of those devices, so we have lower confidence in their ratings. Devices with a low Count and high Number of Contradictions are highly unreliable in their reporting, and we advise caution if you are considering using those devices with PhonePaycheck.

For reference, here is a list of device models in the Gold category which have met these requirements for at least some devices, along with their Device Performance Rating (DPR) and Device Performance Category (DPC):

All Gold Models Seen That Have Met Minimum Requirements, With Their Most Common DPR and DPC, and Number of Contradictions

Asus A002A30.8Gold1
Asus A00625.5Gold2
Asus X00TD31.5Gold2
Asus X01BDA34.7Gold1
Asus Z00A (2.3.GHz)28.0Gold3
Asus Z00AD28.0Gold117
Asus ZB602KL31.5Gold13
Asus ZB631KL34.7Gold5
Asus ZB633KL32.5Gold4
Asus ZE620KL31.5Gold1
Blackberry BBF100-237.9Gold1
Blackshark SKR-A052.5Gold1
Blackview BV8000Pro26.0Gold1
Blu Vivo XI+35.8Gold2
Bqru BQ-6000L26.0Gold1
Docomo SO-01H37.2Gold1
Doogee S6026.0Gold1
Elephone S833.4Gold1
Elephone U_Pro37.9Gold1
Essential PH-141.5Gold15
Google Nexus 6P37.2Gold12
Google Pixel25.5Gold18
Google Pixel 241.5Gold23
Google Pixel 2 XL41.5Gold42
Google Pixel 352.5Gold12
Google Pixel 3 XL52.5Gold23
Google Pixel 3a30.9Gold4
Google Pixel 3a XL30.9Gold2
Google Pixel C28.7Gold2
Google Pixel XL25.5Gold24
HTC 0PJA237.2Gold5
HTC 1025.5Gold2
HTC 2PYB237.2Gold2
HTC HTC6535LRA37.2Gold1
HTC HTC6535LVW37.2Gold2
HTC HTC6545LVW25.5Gold1
HTC One M937.2Gold24
Honor ARE-AL1034.7Gold1
Honor BKK-L2132.5Gold14
Honor BKL-L0939.9Gold1
Honor COL-L2939.9Gold20
Honor COR-L2939.9Gold9
Honor HRY-LX137.0Gold4
Honor HRY-LX1T37.0Gold2
Honor JSN-L2137.0Gold36
Honor JSN-L2237.0Gold1
Honor JSN-L2337.0Gold1
Honor STF-L0939.9Gold15
Huawei ALP-L2939.9Gold1
Huawei CLT-AL0039.9Gold1
Huawei CLT-L0939.9Gold2
Huawei CLT-L2939.9Gold9
Huawei CMR-AL0936.7Gold1
Huawei CMR-W0936.7Gold1
Huawei EDI-AL1024.1Gold1
Huawei EML-L0939.9Gold2
Huawei EML-L2939.9Gold5
Huawei EVA-L0924.1Gold1
Huawei HMA-L2962.6Gold1
Huawei INE-LX137.0Gold6
Huawei INE-LX1r37.0Gold1
Huawei LYA-L0962.6Gold2
Huawei LYA-L2962.6Gold3
Huawei MAR-LX1M37.0Gold2
Huawei MHA-L2939.9Gold2
Huawei PAR-LX139.9Gold1
Huawei POT-LX137.0Gold6
Huawei SNE-LX137.0Gold9
Huawei SNE-LX337.0Gold1
Huawei VKY-L2939.9Gold2
LGE LG-G71052.5Gold1
LGE LG-H82025.5Gold2
LGE LG-H83025.5Gold10
LGE LG-H83125.5Gold2
LGE LG-H85025.5Gold1
LGE LG-H87030.8Gold1
LGE LG-H870DS30.8Gold1
LGE LG-H87130.8Gold8
LGE LG-H87230.8Gold7
LGE LG-H87330.8Gold5
LGE LG-H91025.5Gold2
LGE LG-H91825.5Gold10
LGE LG-H93141.5Gold1
LGE LG-H93241.5Gold2
LGE LG-H93341.5Gold1
LGE LG-H95037.2Gold1
LGE LG-LS99330.8Gold2
LGE LG-LS99725.5Gold8
LGE LG-LS99841.5Gold2
LGE LG-US99625.5Gold2
LGE LG-US99841.5Gold3
LGE LGLS99225.5Gold19
LGE LGUS99730.8Gold2
LGE LM-G71052.5Gold9
LGE LM-G710VM52.5Gold2
LGE LM-G82067.4Gold1
LGE LM-V35052.5Gold3
LGE LM-V40552.5Gold8
LGE LM-V500N67.4Gold1
LGE RS98825.5Gold1
LGE VS98725.5Gold4
LGE VS98830.8Gold6
LGE VS99525.5Gold9
LGE VS99641.5Gold3
Leeco LEX62625.5Gold11
Leeco LEX72030.8Gold1
Leeco LEX72225.5Gold2
Leeco LEX72730.8Gold1
Leeco LEX82025.5Gold1
Leeco Le X82025.5Gold1
Letv X80037.2Gold1
Motorola Moto Z (2)41.5Gold19
Motorola Moto Z3 Play31.5Gold4
Motorola XT158037.2Gold5
Motorola XT158537.2Gold31
Motorola XT165025.5Gold31
Motorola moto g(7)32.5Gold3
Motorola moto g(7) power32.5Gold4
Motorola moto z341.5Gold8
Nokia 6.1 Plus31.5Gold2
Nokia 7 plus37.9Gold1
Nokia TA-100441.5Gold1
OnePlus A300025.5Gold6
OnePlus A3000 Pro30.8Gold2
OnePlus A300325.5Gold1
OnePlus A3003 Pro30.8Gold5
OnePlus A500041.5Gold9
OnePlus A501041.5Gold7
OnePlus A600052.5Gold4
OnePlus A600352.5Gold10
OnePlus A601052.5Gold2
OnePlus A601352.5Gold18
OnePlus GM191767.4Gold1
OnePlus ONE A200334.3Gold3
Oppo CPH172324.2Gold2
Oppo CPH172524.2Gold1
Oppo CPH172924.2Gold1
Oppo CPH181935.8Gold1
Oppo CPH183735.8Gold1
Oppo RMX180134.7Gold1
Razer Phone41.5Gold4
Razer Phone 252.5Gold2
Samsung SM-A505FN38.8Gold3
Samsung SM-A530F27.6Gold14
Samsung SM-A530W27.6Gold1
Samsung SM-A530X27.6Gold1
Samsung SM-A730F27.6Gold21
Samsung SM-A730X27.6Gold1
Samsung SM-A750F27.6Gold1
Samsung SM-A750FN27.6Gold8
Samsung SM-A750G27.6Gold1
Samsung SM-A920F37.9Gold6
Samsung SM-G620037.9Gold1
Samsung SM-G890A39.0Gold20
Samsung SM-G891A25.5Gold315
Samsung SM-G892A40.2Gold3
Samsung SM-G892U40.2Gold3
Samsung SM-G920A39.0Gold15
Samsung SM-G920AZ39.0Gold4
Samsung SM-G920F39.0Gold87
Samsung SM-G920I39.0Gold33
Samsung SM-G920P39.0Gold41
Samsung SM-G920R439.0Gold19
Samsung SM-G920R639.0Gold7
Samsung SM-G920T39.0Gold3
Samsung SM-G920T139.0Gold2
Samsung SM-G920V39.0Gold41
Samsung SM-G920W839.0Gold6
Samsung SM-G920X39.0Gold4
Samsung SM-G925A39.0Gold5
Samsung SM-G925F39.0Gold131
Samsung SM-G925I39.0Gold1
Samsung SM-G925P39.0Gold3
Samsung SM-G925R439.0Gold1
Samsung SM-G925S39.0Gold1
Samsung SM-G925T39.0Gold7
Samsung SM-G925V39.0Gold9
Samsung SM-G925W839.0Gold2
Samsung SM-G925X39.0Gold6
Samsung SM-G928A39.0Gold1
Samsung SM-G928F39.0Gold6
Samsung SM-G928P39.0Gold1
Samsung SM-G928R439.0Gold1
Samsung SM-G928T39.0Gold3
Samsung SM-G928V39.0Gold3
Samsung SM-G928X39.0Gold1
Samsung SM-G930A25.5Gold19
Samsung SM-G930F33.9Gold631
Samsung SM-G930P25.5Gold22
Samsung SM-G930R425.5Gold4
Samsung SM-G930R625.5Gold1
Samsung SM-G930R725.5Gold1
Samsung SM-G930T25.5Gold23
Samsung SM-G930T125.5Gold1
Samsung SM-G930U25.5Gold5
Samsung SM-G930V25.5Gold39
Samsung SM-G930VL25.5Gold2
Samsung SM-G930W833.9Gold12
Samsung SM-G930X33.9Gold3
Samsung SM-G935A25.5Gold12
Samsung SM-G935F33.9Gold65
Samsung SM-G935P25.5Gold10
Samsung SM-G935R425.5Gold1
Samsung SM-G935T25.5Gold25
Samsung SM-G935U25.5Gold6
Samsung SM-G935V25.5Gold21
Samsung SM-G950040.2Gold1
Samsung SM-G950F38.5Gold48
Samsung SM-G950U40.2Gold108
Samsung SM-G950U140.2Gold14
Samsung SM-G950W40.2Gold11
Samsung SM-G955039.0Gold1
Samsung SM-G955F38.5Gold321
Samsung SM-G955N38.5Gold1
Samsung SM-G955U40.2Gold64
Samsung SM-G955U140.2Gold4
Samsung SM-G955W40.2Gold7
Samsung SM-G960052.5Gold1
Samsung SM-G960F51.1Gold16
Samsung SM-G960U52.5Gold75
Samsung SM-G960U152.5Gold5
Samsung SM-G960W52.5Gold7
Samsung SM-G965F51.1Gold14
Samsung SM-G965U52.5Gold42
Samsung SM-G965U152.5Gold7
Samsung SM-G965W52.5Gold6
Samsung SM-G970F52.5Gold2
Samsung SM-G970U67.4Gold10
Samsung SM-G970U167.4Gold1
Samsung SM-G973F52.5Gold2
Samsung SM-G973U67.4Gold14
Samsung SM-G973U167.4Gold1
Samsung SM-G973W67.4Gold1
Samsung SM-G973X52.5Gold1
Samsung SM-G975F52.5Gold8
Samsung SM-G975U67.4Gold20
Samsung SM-G975U167.4Gold4
Samsung SM-G975W67.4Gold2
Samsung SM-N910C28.0Gold14
Samsung SM-N910H28.0Gold4
Samsung SM-N920A39.0Gold5
Samsung SM-N920C39.0Gold1
Samsung SM-N920S39.0Gold1
Samsung SM-N920T39.0Gold3
Samsung SM-N920V39.0Gold10
Samsung SM-N920W839.0Gold2
Samsung SM-N930V25.5Gold1
Samsung SM-N935F39.0Gold4
Samsung SM-N935S39.0Gold1
Samsung SM-N950040.2Gold13
Samsung SM-N950F38.5Gold22
Samsung SM-N950U40.2Gold66
Samsung SM-N950U140.2Gold11
Samsung SM-N950W40.2Gold2
Samsung SM-N960F51.1Gold9
Samsung SM-N960U52.5Gold59
Samsung SM-N960U152.5Gold6
Samsung SM-N960W52.5Gold4
Samsung SM-S906L39.0Gold1
Samsung SM-S907VL39.0Gold2
Samsung SM-T81028.0Gold1
Samsung SM-T81528.0Gold1
Samsung SM-T817A28.0Gold1
Samsung SM-T82025.5Gold1
Sony E580337.2Gold1
Sony E582337.2Gold7
Sony E665337.2Gold2
Sony E668337.2Gold1
Sony E685337.2Gold1
Sony F813225.5Gold1
Sony F833125.5Gold2
Sony G814141.5Gold2
Sony G814241.5Gold1
Sony G834141.5Gold1
Sony G834241.5Gold1
Sony G844141.5Gold1
Sony H826652.5Gold1
Sony H832452.5Gold2
Sony H943652.5Gold1
Ulefone Armor_226.0Gold1
Umidigi Z1 PRO26.0Gold1
Xiaomi MI 5 Pro25.5Gold9
Xiaomi MI 5S28.2Gold11
Xiaomi MI 5S PLUS30.8Gold1
Xiaomi MI 641.5Gold10
Xiaomi MI 6X37.9Gold1
Xiaomi MI 852.5Gold7
Xiaomi MI 8 LITE37.9Gold18
Xiaomi MI 8 PRO52.5Gold1
Xiaomi MI 8 SE33.2Gold2
Xiaomi MI A237.9Gold9
Xiaomi MI MAX 331.5Gold8
Xiaomi MI MIX 241.5Gold6
Xiaomi MI NOTE 337.9Gold3
Xiaomi MI PAD 437.9Gold1
Xiaomi MIX30.8Gold2
Xiaomi POCO F152.5Gold4
Xiaomi POCOPHONE F152.5Gold7
Xiaomi Poco F152.5Gold5
Xiaomi Redmi 732.5Gold50
Xiaomi Redmi Note 531.5Gold80
Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro31.5Gold4
Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro31.5Gold14
Xiaomi Redmi Note 737.9Gold36
ZTE A201725.5Gold1
ZTE A2017G25.5Gold1
ZTE A2017U25.5Gold2
ZTE Z99928.2Gold1
Zuk Z2 Plus25.5Gold1
Zuk Z213125.5Gold1
Zuk Z215130.8Gold3

For reference, here is a list of device models in the Silver category which have met these requirements for at least some devices, along with their Device Performance Rating (DPR) and Device Performance Category (DPC):

All Silver Models Seen That Have Met Minimum Requirements, With Their Most Common DPR and DPC, and Number of Contradictions

10or E12.5Silver1
10or G22.1Silver1
Actoma ACE12.9Silver1
Ag Hashtag13.0Silver11
Alldocube T100619.3Silver1
Amlogic MINI M8S PRO12.6Silver1
Amlogic VONTAR Z8 Arc12.6Silver2
Android px513.6Silver1
Asus K01022.3Silver1
Asus K01522.0Silver1
Asus X00LD12.5Silver2
Asus X017DA20.3Silver1
Asus Z00A (1.8 GHz)22.0Silver3
Asus Z00UD13.1Silver4
Asus Z012DC20.2Silver1
Asus ZC551KL12.5Silver1
Asus ZC553KL12.5Silver2
Asus ZD553KL12.5Silver1
Asus ZE520KL20.2Silver1
Asus ZE552KL20.2Silver1
Blackberry BBB100-320.2Silver1
Blackberry STV100-220.9Silver2
Blackview BV600019.5Silver1
Blackview BV950020.7Silver1
Blackview BV9500Pro20.7Silver1
Blackview P10000 Pro17.6Silver1
Blackview S815.1Silver1
Blu Life One X212.5Silver1
Blu PURE XL19.5Silver1
Blu R2 Plus13.0Silver1
Blu Vivo XI17.5Silver1
Bluboo S120.4Silver1
Bobarry K10SE16.0Silver1
Bq Aquaris M511.7Silver1
Bqru BQ-5700L12.5Silver1
Condor PGN60513.0Silver1
Condor PGN61113.0Silver1
Condor Plume H120.2Silver1
Coolpad 3600I13.6Silver1
Coolpad C1-U0219.2Silver1
Coolpad C10319.2Silver1
Coolpad C105-623.8Silver1
Coolpad REVVLPLUS C3701A20.2Silver7
Cubot MAX13.0Silver1
Dell Venue 7 HSPA+15.4Silver2
Doogee F513.0Silver2
Doogee MIX23.9Silver1
Doogee N1016.5Silver1
Elephone P820.4Silver1
Gome 2017M27A20.4Silver1
Google Nexus 5X20.9Silver6
Google Nexus 613.2Silver8
HTC 2PXH319.5Silver1
HTC Desire 628 dual sim13.0Silver2
HTC One A912.1Silver2
Highscreen Power Five Max15.5Silver1
Homtom HT7015.1Silver11
Honor AUM-L2912.5Silver281
Honor AUM-L4112.5Silver43
Honor BLN-L2119.1Silver7
Honor BLN-L2419.1Silver1
Honor BND-AL1020.4Silver1
Honor BND-L2120.4Silver18
Honor BND-L2420.4Silver2
Honor FRD-AL1022.8Silver1
Honor FRD-L0922.8Silver4
Honor FRD-L1922.8Silver1
Honor KIW-L2113.5Silver2
Honor KIW-L2413.5Silver2
Honor LLD-AL1020.4Silver1
Honor LLD-L2120.4Silver5
Honor LLD-L3120.4Silver54
Honor NEM-L5119.1Silver4
Honor PLK-L0118.6Silver2
Honor PRA-AL00X19.1Silver1
Honor PRA-LX119.1Silver1
Honor PRA-TL1019.1Silver15
Huawei ALE-L2112.0Silver5
Huawei ANE-LX120.4Silver18
Huawei ANE-LX320.4Silver1
Huawei BAH2-L0920.4Silver1
Huawei BLL-L2219.1Silver2
Huawei BND-L3420.4Silver2
Huawei BTV-DL0922.8Silver2
Huawei CAM-L2112.0Silver1
Huawei CAN-L1120.2Silver1
Huawei CPN-W0912.5Silver1
Huawei DIG-L2112.5Silver1
Huawei DIG-L21HN12.5Silver1
Huawei DUB-LX118.0Silver1
Huawei FIG-LX120.4Silver25
Huawei FLA-LX120.4Silver5
Huawei GEM-701L17.7Silver1
Huawei GRA-L0917.7Silver1
Huawei GRA-UL0017.7Silver1
Huawei H60-L0417.2Silver1
Huawei H710VL13.5Silver16
Huawei H715BL13.5Silver6
Huawei JMM-L2212.5Silver22
Huawei LDN-L2112.5Silver2
Huawei MT7-L0917.9Silver2
Huawei NMO-L3119.1Silver4
Huawei PIC-LX920.4Silver2
Huawei PRA-LA119.1Silver1
Huawei PRA-LX119.1Silver4
Huawei RNE-L2120.4Silver11
Huawei VNS-L2119.1Silver4
Huawei VNS-L3119.1Silver3
Huawei WAS-L03T20.4Silver1
Huawei WAS-LX120.4Silver7
Huawei WAS-LX1A20.4Silver1
Infinix X57213.0Silver1
Infocus M80813.0Silver1
Kyocera E683313.6Silver1
LGE LG-H81021.4Silver3
LGE LG-H81121.4Silver3
LGE LG-H81221.4Silver6
LGE LG-H81521.4Silver1
LGE LG-H90021.4Silver1
LGE LG-H90120.9Silver2
LGE LG-H961N20.9Silver2
LGE LGLS75514.5Silver11
LGE LGLS99121.4Silver2
LGE LGUS99121.4Silver2
LGE LM-Q610(FGN)14.4Silver2
LGE LM-Q710(FGN)14.4Silver45
LGE LM-Q710.FG14.4Silver5
LGE LM-Q710.FGN14.4Silver2
LGE LML713DL14.4Silver1
LGE VS83514.5Silver21
LGE VS98621.4Silver1
Leagoo KIICAA MIX15.1Silver1
Leagoo S812.5Silver1
Leagoo T515.1Silver21
Leeco Le X52216.0Silver1
Leeco Le X52716.0Silver4
Leeco Le2 x52716.0Silver1
Leeco X52719.2Silver1
Lenovo A6020a4613.5Silver1
Lenovo A7000-a14.9Silver2
Lenovo A7020a4018.1Silver1
Lenovo A7020a4814.0Silver1
Lenovo K33a4211.2Silver1
Lenovo K33a4811.2Silver1
Lenovo K50a4016.9Silver5
Lenovo K8 Plus20.4Silver1
Lenovo L3801112.5Silver1
Lenovo P2a4220.2Silver1
Lenovo P70-A13.5Silver51
Lenovo PB2-690M19.2Silver1
Lenovo S1a4016.9Silver1
Lenovo TB-X705F18.0Silver1
Lenovo TB-X705L18.0Silver1
Lenovo X2-EU22.8Silver1
Lenovo YOGA Tablet 2-1050F22.3Silver1
Lenovo YOGA Tablet 2-1050L22.3Silver1
Lenovo Z90a4013.8Silver1
Letv Le X52619.2Silver3
Meizu M3s12.5Silver6
Meizu M512.5Silver5
Meizu M5s13.0Silver151
Meizu M612.5Silver23
Meizu M6 Note20.2Silver2
Meizu M6T12.5Silver4
Meizu M6s21.3Silver7
Meizu MX422.8Silver1
Meizu PRO 619.3Silver1
Meizu S621.3Silver1
Meizu U2018.1Silver2
Meizu m2 note13.0Silver1
Meizu m3 note18.1Silver4
Micromax E48113.0Silver1
Motorola Moto G (5) Plus16.1Silver27
Motorola Moto G (5S) Plus16.1Silver10
Motorola Moto X Play11.1Silver2
Motorola Moto Z2 Play17.7Silver5
Motorola XT125413.2Silver6
Motorola XT156211.1Silver1
Motorola XT156513.2Silver2
Motorola XT157520.9Silver5
Motorola XT1635-0116.1Silver6
Motorola XT1635-0220.2Silver4
Motorola XT168720.2Silver2
Motorola XT1710-0217.7Silver10
Motorola moto g(6)14.4Silver14
Motorola moto g(6) (XT1925DL)14.4Silver6
Motorola moto g(6) plus20.3Silver5
Motorola moto g(7) play18.0Silver1
Motorola moto x420.3Silver8
Motorola one20.2Silver2
Neffos X114.0Silver1
Neffos X1 Lite12.5Silver1
Neffos X1 Max15.5Silver2
Neffos X912.5Silver1
Nokia 3.112.5Silver6
Nokia 3.1 Plus17.5Silver2
Nokia 5.115.5Silver1
Nokia 6.120.3Silver7
Nokia TA-100012.5Silver1
Nokia TA-102112.5Silver31
Nokia TA-102412.5Silver2
Nokia TA-102512.5Silver1
Nokia TA-103312.5Silver1
Nokia TA-105312.5Silver14
Nokia TA-105420.3Silver1
Nubia NX511J12.9Silver1
Nubia NX529J13.6Silver1
Nubia NX549J20.2Silver1
Nubia NX551J20.2Silver7
Nubia NX569J19.2Silver1
Nubia NX573J12.5Silver8
Nubia NX575J12.5Silver1
Nubia NX589J20.2Silver1
Nubia NX591J14.0Silver2
Nuu N5702L23.9Silver2
Nvidia SHIELD Tablet15.5Silver1
Nvidia SHIELD Tablet K115.5Silver1
Nvidia shieldtablet15.5Silver1
Oppo A160112.5Silver1
Oppo CPH171515.1Silver1
Oppo CPH180318.0Silver2
Oppo F1f13.5Silver2
Oppo R7plusf13.5Silver1
Oukitel K1017.6Silver1
Oukitel K617.6Silver1
Oukitel K6000 Pro13.0Silver2
Oukitel U15S12.5Silver1
Oukitel WP117.6Silver1
Oukitel WP212.5Silver1
Pptv KING 7S19.5Silver1
Quantum Go13.0Silver11
Samsung SM-A105F15.9Silver1
Samsung SM-A205FN20.8Silver1
Samsung SM-A260G15.9Silver1
Samsung SM-A305FN23.8Silver2
Samsung SM-A320F15.9Silver1
Samsung SM-A320FL15.9Silver2
Samsung SM-A510F16.0Silver9
Samsung SM-A520F18.7Silver231
Samsung SM-A520W18.7Silver7
Samsung SM-A600AZ22.1Silver1
Samsung SM-A600FN15.9Silver6
Samsung SM-A600G15.9Silver2
Samsung SM-A600N15.9Silver1
Samsung SM-A600P22.1Silver1
Samsung SM-A600T22.1Silver1
Samsung SM-A600T122.1Silver2
Samsung SM-A600U22.1Silver1
Samsung SM-A605FN18.0Silver8
Samsung SM-A605GN18.0Silver1
Samsung SM-A710F16.0Silver8
Samsung SM-A720F18.7Silver9
Samsung SM-C700020.2Silver1
Samsung SM-G610F15.9Silver4
Samsung SM-G610M15.9Silver7
Samsung SM-G610Y15.9Silver5
Samsung SM-G611FF15.9Silver1
Samsung SM-G611MT15.9Silver3
Samsung SM-G850F17.8Silver1
Samsung SM-G900H18.5Silver1
Samsung SM-G901F12.3Silver1
Samsung SM-G903F16.0Silver2
Samsung SM-G903W16.0Silver4
Samsung SM-J337P18.9Silver6
Samsung SM-J337R718.9Silver1
Samsung SM-J337V18.9Silver1
Samsung SM-J337VPP18.9Silver1
Samsung SM-J530F15.9Silver1
Samsung SM-J530FM15.9Silver121
Samsung SM-J530G15.9Silver1
Samsung SM-J600F15.9Silver14
Samsung SM-J600G15.9Silver3
Samsung SM-J600GT15.9Silver4
Samsung SM-J700F15.0Silver2
Samsung SM-J700H15.0Silver4
Samsung SM-J700M15.0Silver3
Samsung SM-J700T15.0Silver4
Samsung SM-J700T115.0Silver5
Samsung SM-J701F15.9Silver8
Samsung SM-J701M15.9Silver1
Samsung SM-J701MT15.9Silver2
Samsung SM-J710F15.9Silver131
Samsung SM-J710MN15.9Silver2
Samsung SM-J727A15.9Silver4
Samsung SM-J727AZ15.9Silver41
Samsung SM-J727P22.1Silver6
Samsung SM-J727T15.9Silver1
Samsung SM-J727T115.9Silver161
Samsung SM-J727U15.9Silver1
Samsung SM-J727V22.1Silver2
Samsung SM-J727VPP22.1Silver3
Samsung SM-J730F15.9Silver4
Samsung SM-J730FM15.9Silver211
Samsung SM-J730G15.9Silver71
Samsung SM-J730K15.9Silver1
Samsung SM-J737A15.9Silver4
Samsung SM-J737P22.1Silver10
Samsung SM-J737T15.9Silver1
Samsung SM-J737T115.9Silver7
Samsung SM-J737V22.1Silver1
Samsung SM-J737VPP22.1Silver2
Samsung SM-J810F18.0Silver4
Samsung SM-J810G18.0Silver1
Samsung SM-J810M18.0Silver3
Samsung SM-N910A13.2Silver2
Samsung SM-N910F13.2Silver5
Samsung SM-N910G13.2Silver1
Samsung SM-N910P13.2Silver1
Samsung SM-N910T13.2Silver3
Samsung SM-N910V13.2Silver4
Samsung SM-S367VL18.9Silver11
Samsung SM-S737TL15.9Silver1
Samsung SM-S757BL15.9Silver1
Samsung SM-S767VL22.1Silver4
Samsung SM-T58015.9Silver7
Samsung SM-T58515.9Silver1
Samsung SM-T67016.0Silver1
Samsung SM-T677A16.0Silver1
Samsung SM-T71319.2Silver1
Samsung SM-T81319.2Silver1
Samsung SM-T818A16.0Silver1
Sharp FS801020.3Silver1
Sony E230312.9Silver1
Sony E560319.5Silver1
Sony E563319.5Silver1
Sony F321111.4Silver1
Sony F321519.5Silver1
Sony F512112.4Silver3
Sony F532112.4Silver3
Sony G311219.9Silver5
Sony G312119.9Silver1
Sony G312319.9Silver1
Sony G321219.9Silver1
Sony G322319.9Silver4
Sony G322619.9Silver1
Sony G341219.9Silver3
Sony H311320.3Silver1
Sony H312320.3Silver1
Sony H322320.3Silver1
Sony H411320.3Silver1
Sony H421320.3Silver1
Sugar S1118.0Silver1
TCL 5049S15.1Silver1
TCL 5049W15.1Silver5
TCL 5049Z15.1Silver8
TCL 5086D12.5Silver1
TCL 6045I12.9Silver1
TCL 6062W16.5Silver10
TCL Alcatel 5085C15.1Silver2
TCL REVVL 2 PLUS16.5Silver2
Tecno CA717.6Silver1
Tyd 108H16.0Silver1
Ulefone Power13.0Silver1
Umidigi C NOTE 212.5Silver1
Umidigi One Pro17.6Silver1
Umidigi Plus E19.9Silver1
Umidigi S219.9Silver1
Vargo V21010113.5Silver1
Vernee Apollo Lite23.1Silver1
Vivax Fly413.0Silver1
Vivo 160112.5Silver2
Vivo 160912.5Silver1
Vivo 171312.5Silver1
Vivo 172322.1Silver1
Vivo 172617.5Silver1
Vivo 172718.0Silver1
Vivo 180217.5Silver1
Vivo 180317.5Silver1
Vivo 180717.1Silver1
Vivo 180817.5Silver2
Vivo 181617.5Silver2
Wiko View2 Go12.5Silver2
Wileyfox Swift 212.5Silver4
Wileyfox Swift 2 Plus12.5Silver11
Wileyfox Swift 2 X12.5Silver3
Xiaomi MI 4I13.8Silver3
Xiaomi MI 5 Standard21.5Silver10
Xiaomi MI A120.2Silver37
Xiaomi MI A2 LITE20.2Silver16
Xiaomi MI MAX12.4Silver2
Xiaomi MI MAX 220.2Silver13
Xiaomi MI PAD15.5Silver1
Xiaomi MI-4C20.9Silver5
Xiaomi Oukitel k6000 pro20.2Silver1
Xiaomi Redmi20.2Silver1
Xiaomi Redmi 313.5Silver9
Xiaomi Redmi 3S12.5Silver224
Xiaomi Redmi 3X12.5Silver2
Xiaomi Redmi 412.5Silver5
Xiaomi Redmi 4 (markw)20.2Silver17
Xiaomi Redmi 4 (prada)12.5Silver4
Xiaomi Redmi 4 (santoni)12.5Silver13
Xiaomi Redmi 4X12.5Silver63
Xiaomi Redmi 518.0Silver28
Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus20.2Silver141
Xiaomi Redmi 614.0Silver28
Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro20.2Silver8
Xiaomi Redmi Note 219.5Silver1
Xiaomi Redmi Note 312.4Silver3
Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 (Helio)19.5Silver21
Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 (Snapdragon)12.4Silver39
Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Special Edition12.4Silver6
Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 (Helio)22.5Silver35
Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 (Snapdragon)20.2Silver83
Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X22.5Silver4
Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A Prime12.5Silver25
Xiaomi Redmi S216.1Silver18
Xiaomi Wileyfox Swift20.2Silver1
Yu YU504012.5Silver1
ZTE B2017G13.6Silver2
ZTE BLADE A062012.5Silver3
ZTE BLADE V080014.0Silver6
ZTE BLADE V085014.0Silver5
ZTE BLADE V918.0Silver1
ZTE K8813.6Silver2
ZTE K9220.2Silver1
ZTE N956012.5Silver5
ZTE Z6410S12.5Silver1
ZTE Z963VL13.6Silver1
ZTE Z97820.2Silver2
ZTE Z98113.6Silver5
ZTE Z98212.5Silver13
ZTE Z98312.5Silver3
ZTE Z98813.6Silver1
Zoji Z812.5Silver1

For reference, here is a list of device models in the Bronze category which have met these requirements for at least some devices, along with their Device Performance Rating (DPR) and Device Performance Category (DPC):

All Bronze Models Seen That Have Met Minimum Requirements, With Their Most Common DPR and DPC, and Number of Contradictions

Acer B1-8506.5Bronze2
Acer B3-A407.3Bronze1
Acer T035.2Bronze1
Acer T0410.4Bronze1
Acer T085.2Bronze1
Advan i4U5.2Bronze1
Agm A86.0Bronze1
Alba 4G Plus5.2Bronze1
Alcatel 6039Y4.8Bronze1
Allview A5_Ready5.2Bronze1
Alps 10165.2Bronze1
Alps Lenovo S6605.2Bronze3
Alps boway6580_weg_gm_l9.4Bronze1
Amazon KFASWI4.8Bronze1
Amazon KFAUWI5.2Bronze9
Amazon KFDOWI6.5Bronze4
Amazon KFFOWI5.2Bronze7
Amazon KFGIWI6.5Bronze4
Amazon KFKAWI6.5Bronze5
Amazon KFSUWI8.9Bronze3
Amazon KFTBWI4.8Bronze1
Amlogic A95X-R15.0Bronze1
Amlogic NEXBOX-A95X7.6Bronze2
Amlogic TX3 Max6.0Bronze1
Amlogic TX3 Mini6.0Bronze2
Amlogic X967.6Bronze1
Amlogic X96-W6.0Bronze5
Amlogic X96mini6.0Bronze1
Android 4GLte5.0Bronze1
Android A95X_R15.9Bronze2
Android V-BOX5.9Bronze1
Android VQ5.9Bronze2
Android X96 mini.N.0.00.d164.8Bronze1
Android emcee6.0Bronze4
Ans L504.4Bronze2
Ans UL404.4Bronze10
Ans_nks AQT804.4Bronze1
Archos 50c Neon4.8Bronze1
Archos 80d Xenon5.2Bronze1
Ark Benefit_Note_15.2Bronze2
Ark Benefit_S502_Plus5.2Bronze1
Assistant AP-757G5.2Bronze1
Assistant AS-5025.2Bronze1
Assistant AS-54214.8Bronze1
Assistant AS-54315.2Bronze1
Asus A0097.0Bronze1
Asus G552KL5.6Bronze3
Asus P0244.8Bronze2
Asus X008D7.2Bronze6
Asus X008DC6.2Bronze5
Asus X00HD7.0Bronze1
Asus X00RD5.6Bronze1
Asus Z00ED6.0Bronze7
Asus Z00LD6.0Bronze54
Asus Z00RD6.0Bronze1
Asus Z010D6.0Bronze7
Asus Z010DA6.0Bronze1
Asus ZC520KL7.0Bronze1
Asus ZC554KL7.0Bronze3
Att QS5509A4.4Bronze4
Bdf KT1075.2Bronze1
Beeline Pro 25.2Bronze2
Beeline Pro_35.2Bronze2
Beeline Pro_63.3Bronze1
Blackview A205.2Bronze3
Blackview A75.2Bronze2
Blackview A7Pro6.2Bronze1
Blackview BV4000Pro-RU5.2Bronze1
Blackview BV6000S7.2Bronze1
Blackview BV70007.2Bronze1
Blu Advance 5.0 HD5.2Bronze1
Blu C52.6Bronze1
Blu R1 HD5.2Bronze7
Blu R1 PLUS5.0Bronze1
Blu R2 LTE6.2Bronze1
Blu STUDIO X PLUS5.2Bronze1
Blu Vivo One Plus5.1Bronze1
Bluboo D65.2Bronze1
Bluboo Picasso5.2Bronze1
Bq 50575.2Bronze1
Bq Aquaris U10.0Bronze1
Bq Aquaris X55.5Bronze1
Bq BQS-50205.2Bronze3
Bq BQS-50605.2Bronze1
Bq BQS-50655.2Bronze2
Bq BQS-50706.2Bronze4
Bq BQS-55025.2Bronze2
Bq BQS_55055.2Bronze1
Bqru 40724.8Bronze14
Bqru 45004.4Bronze1
Bqru 45264.8Bronze2
Bqru 45834.8Bronze2
Bqru 50005.0Bronze1
Bqru 50355.2Bronze3
Bqru 50375.1Bronze2
Bqru 55045.0Bronze1
Bqru 70824.8Bronze1
Bqru BQ-45854.8Bronze1
Bqru BQ-5007L5.0Bronze2
Bqru BQ-5008L6.2Bronze1
Bqru BQ-5012L5.0Bronze2
Bqru BQ-53404.8Bronze1
Bqru BQ-5500L5.2Bronze1
Bqru BQ-5512L7.5Bronze6
Bqru BQ-5520L6.0Bronze1
Bqru BQ-55225.2Bronze1
Bqru BQ-6001L5.1Bronze2
Bqru BQ-8041L6.5Bronze1
Bqru BQru-50585.2Bronze1
Cherry Flare S Play10.9Bronze3
Cherry_mobile OMEGA HD 3S5.2Bronze1
Clementoni ClemPhone_75.0Bronze1
Condor PGN5185.2Bronze1
Condor Plume P8 Pro5.0Bronze1
Coolpad 3310A4.4Bronze3
Coolpad 3622A4.4Bronze2
Coolpad 3632A5.6Bronze1
Coolpad CP8298_I006.5Bronze1
Coolpad cp3636a7.0Bronze4
Cubot J35.2Bronze1
Cubot NOTE_S5.2Bronze1
Danew Konnect4025.2Bronze2
Dexp B1404.8Bronze1
Dexp B1454.4Bronze1
Dexp B1605.2Bronze1
Dexp B3504.4Bronze1
Dexp BL1505.2Bronze1
Dexp BL2504.4Bronze1
Dexp BS2504.8Bronze2
Dexp ES10505.2Bronze2
Dexp G1506.2Bronze1
Dexp G1555.2Bronze3
Dexp G2505.2Bronze2
Dexp Ixion ES5505.2Bronze1
Dexp Ixion M3555.0Bronze1
Dexp Ixion M5455.2Bronze1
Dexp Ixion M7505.2Bronze1
Dexp Ixion X LTE 4.54.8Bronze1
Dexp P3805.2Bronze1
Dexp S1695.2Bronze1
Dexp Z1505.0Bronze1
Dexp Z3556.0Bronze1
Digiland DL10015.2Bronze1
Digma CITI 1903 4G CS1062ML5.5Bronze3
Digma HIT Q401 3G HT4039PG4.8Bronze4
Digma HIT Q500 3G HT5035PG4.8Bronze2
Digma Plane 7547S 3G PS7159PG4.8Bronze1
Digma Plane_1537E_3G_PS1149MG5.2Bronze1
Digma Plane_7546S_3G_PS7158PG4.8Bronze1
Digma Plane_8548S_3G_PS8161PG5.2Bronze2
Digma VOX FIRE 4G VS5037PL5.2Bronze1
Digma VOX Flash 4G VS5015ML5.0Bronze1
Digma VOX S508 3G VS5031PG4.8Bronze1
Digma VOX_S513_4G_VS5035ML5.0Bronze1
Doogee X115.2Bronze1
Doogee X205.2Bronze1
Doogee X305.2Bronze1
Doogee X55.2Bronze2
Doogee X505.2Bronze1
Doogee X535.2Bronze1
Doogee X5max5.2Bronze1
Doogee X5max_PRO5.0Bronze3
Doogee X60L5.0Bronze1
Doogee X705.2Bronze2
Doogee Y87.5Bronze1
Echo Stellar 4G4.4Bronze1
Ekinox E8_Ultra5.2Bronze1
Elephone A45.1Bronze1
Elephone P6000 Pro8.1Bronze1
Ergo A502_Aurum5.2Bronze2
Ergo A555 Universe5.2Bronze1
Ergo B502 Basic5.2Bronze1
Ergo B504_Unit5.2Bronze1
Ergo F5015.2Bronze1
Ergo V570_BIG_BEN5.2Bronze1
FLY Compact4.8Bronze4
FLY FS4575.2Bronze1
FLY FS4595.2Bronze4
FLY FS5065.2Bronze1
FLY FS5175.2Bronze1
FLY FS5187.2Bronze1
FLY FS5227.2Bronze1
FLY FS5245.2Bronze1
FLY FS5275.2Bronze1
FLY FS5295.2Bronze3
FLY FS5535.0Bronze1
FLY Life Play5.2Bronze1
Famous_fones Famous 5Plus5.2Bronze1
Firefly_mobile AURII_MAGNUM5.2Bronze1
Freetel FTU18A004.4Bronze1
Gionee P5W5.2Bronze1
Google A15.2Bronze4
Google General Mobile 4G4.8Bronze1
Google Micromax AQ45015.2Bronze2
Google Nexus 910.0Bronze3
Grape GTE_5v.15.2Bronze1
HTC 0PM924.4Bronze4
HTC Desire 5304.4Bronze3
HTC Desire 626s4.4Bronze2
HTC HTCD100LVW4.4Bronze2
HTC HTCD160LVWPP4.4Bronze1
Haier G7s5.0Bronze1
Highscreen FestXL-Pro7.2Bronze1
Highscreen Power Ice6.5Bronze1
Highscreen Power Rage5.2Bronze1
Highscreen PowerFivePro6.5Bronze2
Hipstreet 7DTB375.2Bronze1
Hom_tom S125.2Bronze1
Homtom HT165.2Bronze1
Homtom HT506.2Bronze1
Homtom S165.2Bronze2
Honor DLI-L2210.0Bronze1
Honor DLI-TL2010.0Bronze21
Honor DUA-L227.5Bronze43
Honor TIT-L016.5Bronze4
Hotpepper VLE54.4Bronze2
Hp 10 G2 Tablet5.2Bronze1
Huawei AGS-L097.0Bronze9
Huawei AGS-W097.0Bronze2
Huawei ATU-L217.0Bronze1
Huawei ATU-L317.0Bronze14
Huawei ATU-L427.0Bronze1
Huawei BG2-U015.2Bronze2
Huawei BG2-W095.2Bronze2
Huawei CRO-U005.2Bronze1
Huawei CUN-L215.2Bronze1
Huawei CUN-U295.2Bronze2
Huawei DRA-L217.5Bronze6
Huawei DRA-LX27.5Bronze11
Huawei DRA-LX56.0Bronze7
Huawei G620S-L014.8Bronze1
Huawei G7-L014.8Bronze1
Huawei H171110.0Bronze3
Huawei KOB-L097.0Bronze3
Huawei LUA-U225.2Bronze3
Huawei LYO-L215.2Bronze9
Huawei MRD-LX110.0Bronze1
Huawei MRD-LX1F10.0Bronze1
Huawei MYA-L227.2Bronze3
Huawei MYA-U295.2Bronze2
Huawei SLA-L225.6Bronze2
Huawei T1 7.04.8Bronze1
Huawei T1-701u4.8Bronze2
Huawei TIT-U025.2Bronze7
Huawei TRT-LX110.0Bronze3
Huawei Y5384.4Bronze7
Huawei Y541-U024.8Bronze4
Huawei Y635-L214.8Bronze1
Hurricane Ace4.8Bronze1
Infinix X50105.2Bronze1
Infinix X55155.1Bronze1
Infinix X5515F6.0Bronze1
Infinix X559C5.2Bronze1
Infinix X559F5.2Bronze2
Infinix X606D5.2Bronze1
Infinix X624B5.2Bronze1
Inoi 25.0Bronze3
Inoi 2_LITE5.2Bronze2
Inoi 3_LITE5.2Bronze1
Inoi 6_Lite5.2Bronze1
Inoi 7_LITE5.2Bronze1
Iphone 8_Plus5.2Bronze1
Iphone X5.2Bronze1
Irbis SP4014.8Bronze39
Irbis SP4535.2Bronze1
Irbis SP5115.2Bronze1
Irbis SP5517.2Bronze2
Irbis SP585.2Bronze1
Irbis TZ7425.2Bronze1
Irbis TZ7455.2Bronze1
Irbis TZ7724.4Bronze1
Irbis TZ855.2Bronze1
Irbis TZ8915.2Bronze1
Itel A44 PowerRU5.6Bronze1
Itel P13 Plus5.2Bronze1
Ivoomi Me 44.4Bronze1
Ixion ES1555.2Bronze1
Ixion M2404.8Bronze3
Ixion ML2506.5Bronze1
Ixion MS6505.2Bronze1
Ixion XL1406.5Bronze1
Jinga Optim4G5.0Bronze1
Koslam KL10846.5Bronze1
Kxd X95.2Bronze1
Kyocera C6742A4.4Bronze3
Kyocera C67454.8Bronze1
LGE 184.8Bronze1
LGE LG-H3434.8Bronze3
LGE LG-H4225.2Bronze2
LGE LG-H5025.2Bronze1
LGE LG-H5226.0Bronze2
LGE LG-H525n4.8Bronze1
LGE LG-H6304.8Bronze1
LGE LG-H6314.8Bronze2
LGE LG-H6344.8Bronze1
LGE LG-H73610.3Bronze2
LGE LG-H74010.9Bronze1
LGE LG-K1004.4Bronze2
LGE LG-K1204.4Bronze1
LGE LG-K2205.2Bronze5
LGE LG-K3505.2Bronze6
LGE LG-K3715.1Bronze4
LGE LG-K3735.1Bronze2
LGE LG-K4285.1Bronze2
LGE LG-K43010.4Bronze8
LGE LG-K4505.1Bronze1
LGE LG-K5004.8Bronze1
LGE LG-K5404.8Bronze2
LGE LG-K5508.8Bronze1
LGE LG-LK46010.0Bronze1
LGE LG-LS77710.0Bronze8
LGE LG-M1504.4Bronze14
LGE LG-M1514.4Bronze2
LGE LG-M1534.4Bronze7
LGE LG-M1544.4Bronze5
LGE LG-M2105.6Bronze6
LGE LG-M25010.0Bronze6
LGE LG-M2555.6Bronze3
LGE LG-M2575.6Bronze1
LGE LG-M32010.0Bronze5
LGE LG-M3225.6Bronze4
LGE LG-M3275.6Bronze2
LGE LG-M40010.0Bronze3
LGE LG-M4305.6Bronze5
LGE LG-M47010.0Bronze1
LGE LG-M70010.0Bronze3
LGE LG-M70310.0Bronze2
LGE LG-Q710AL10.0Bronze34
LGE LG-SP20010.0Bronze17
LGE LG-SP32010.0Bronze4
LGE LG-TP2605.6Bronze1
LGE LG-TP45010.0Bronze3
LGE LG-V52010.9Bronze1
LGE LG-V52110.9Bronze4
LGE LG-X1555.2Bronze1
LGE LG-X2105.2Bronze2
LGE LG-X2304.4Bronze2
LGE LG-X2406.2Bronze1
LGE LGL157BL4.4Bronze3
LGE LGL158VL4.4Bronze28
LGE LGL163BL5.6Bronze2
LGE LGL164VL5.6Bronze3
LGE LGL21G4.8Bronze1
LGE LGL22C4.8Bronze123
LGE LGL33L4.8Bronze6
LGE LGL43AL4.4Bronze3
LGE LGL44VL4.4Bronze20
LGE LGL51AL4.4Bronze1
LGE LGL52VL4.4Bronze2
LGE LGL53BL5.1Bronze1
LGE LGL56VL5.1Bronze2
LGE LGL57BL4.4Bronze11
LGE LGL58VL4.4Bronze27
LGE LGL59BL5.6Bronze2
LGE LGL62VL4.8Bronze10
LGE LGL63BL5.6Bronze14
LGE LGL64VL5.6Bronze6
LGE LGL82VL4.8Bronze2
LGE LGL83BL5.6Bronze2
LGE LGL84VL5.6Bronze8
LGE LGLS4504.4Bronze1
LGE LGLS6654.8Bronze14
LGE LGLS6754.4Bronze17
LGE LGLS6765.1Bronze42
LGE LGLS7704.8Bronze3
LGE LGLS7754.8Bronze11
LGE LGUS1104.4Bronze1
LGE LGUS2155.6Bronze4
LGE LM-X210(G)5.6Bronze31
LGE LM-X210APM5.6Bronze5
LGE LM-X210CM5.6Bronze6
LGE LM-X210VPP5.6Bronze4
LGE LM-X212(G)5.6Bronze9
LGE LM-X2205.6Bronze4
LGE LM-X220PM8.0Bronze1
LGE LM-X410(FG)5.6Bronze15
LGE LM-X410.F5.6Bronze2
LGE LM-X410.FGN5.6Bronze1
LGE LM-X410UM5.6Bronze2
LGE LML211BL5.6Bronze10
LGE LML212VL5.6Bronze6
LGE LML413DL5.6Bronze1
LGE LML414DL5.6Bronze5
LGE RS5005.1Bronze1
LGE VS425PP4.4Bronze147
LGE VS5005.1Bronze1
LGE VS500PP5.1Bronze6
LGE VS5015.6Bronze2
Leagoo KIICAA POWER5.2Bronze3
Leagoo M55.2Bronze1
Leagoo M8 Pro5.0Bronze1
Leagoo Power 25.2Bronze2
Leagoo Z55.2Bronze1
Lenovo A10005.2Bronze5
Lenovo A1010a204.4Bronze2
Lenovo A2020a404.4Bronze2
Lenovo A50005.2Bronze4
Lenovo A60004.8Bronze1
Lenovo A60104.8Bronze6
Lenovo S90-A6.0Bronze1
Lenovo TAB 2 A10-70L8.4Bronze3
Lenovo TAB 2 A7-30DC5.2Bronze1
Lenovo TAB 2 A7-30HC5.2Bronze2
Lenovo TB-7304F7.3Bronze1
Lenovo TB-7304I5.5Bronze1
Lenovo TB-7304X5.5Bronze2
Lenovo TB-7504X6.2Bronze1
Lenovo TB-8504X7.0Bronze3
Lenovo TB-X103F5.1Bronze1
Lenovo TB-X304F7.0Bronze1
Lenovo TB-X304L7.0Bronze2
Lenovo TB2-X30L5.1Bronze4
Lenovo TB3-710I5.2Bronze4
Lenovo TB3-850F5.0Bronze1
Lenovo TB3-850M5.0Bronze1
Logicom Le Hop5.6Bronze1
M458 M4585.2Bronze1
MTC SMART Surf2 4G5.0Bronze3
MTC SMART_Race2_4G4.4Bronze1
MTC Smart_Light5.2Bronze3
Mate 9i Mate 9i5.2Bronze1
Mediatek mt65825.2Bronze1
Meizu M3E10.0Bronze2
Meizu M5c6.2Bronze4
Meizu m26.5Bronze11
Metropcs LGMP2605.6Bronze27
Metropcs LGMP45010.0Bronze5
Metropcs LGMS2105.6Bronze7
Metropcs LGMS3304.4Bronze2
Metropcs LGMS3454.8Bronze3
Metropcs LGMS4285.1Bronze6
Metropcs LGMS55010.0Bronze3
Micromax A1075.2Bronze1
Micromax AQ50015.2Bronze2
Micromax H8705.2Bronze2
Micromax Q3385.2Bronze1
Micromax Q3514.8Bronze1
Micromax Q3975.2Bronze1
Micromax Q40015.2Bronze2
Micromax Q4014.4Bronze1
Micromax Q402+5.2Bronze1
Micromax Q41015.2Bronze1
Micromax Q4154.4Bronze14
Micromax Q4405.0Bronze2
Micromax Q4655.2Bronze1
Mot XT1526_R054.8Bronze1
Motorola Moto C4.4Bronze7
Motorola Moto C Plus5.0Bronze3
Motorola Moto E (4)5.6Bronze53
Motorola Moto E (4) Plus5.6Bronze6
Motorola Moto G (4)10.9Bronze13
Motorola Moto G (5)10.0Bronze4
Motorola Moto G (5S)10.0Bronze3
Motorola Moto G Play4.8Bronze12
Motorola MotoE2(4G-LTE)4.8Bronze9
Motorola MotoG35.5Bronze12
Motorola XT15264.8Bronze20
Motorola XT15284.8Bronze13
Motorola XT16094.8Bronze29
Motorola XT1799-210.0Bronze1
Motorola moto e55.6Bronze4
Motorola moto e5 (XT1920DL)5.6Bronze3
Motorola moto e5 cruise5.6Bronze14
Motorola moto e5 go5.6Bronze2
Motorola moto e5 play5.6Bronze16
Motorola moto e5 plus10.0Bronze8
Motorola moto e5 supra10.0Bronze6
Motorola moto g(6) forge5.6Bronze1
Motorola moto g(6) play5.6Bronze7
Mstar DEXP Shell LC390TU1A2.8Bronze1
Mtk P10 PLUS7.2Bronze2
Mts SMART_Turbo_4G5.0Bronze2
Multilaser MS45S5.2Bronze1
Multilaser MS50L5.2Bronze1
Multilaser MS50M5.2Bronze1
Multilaser MS55M5.2Bronze1
Navitel T700 3G NAVI5.2Bronze1
Neffos C9A7.5Bronze1
Nokia 14.4Bronze2
Nokia 25.1Bronze2
Nokia 2 V5.6Bronze1
Nokia 2.15.6Bronze2
Nokia TA-10326.2Bronze5
Nomi C0700125.2Bronze1
Nomi i50104.8Bronze1
Nomi i50125.2Bronze1
Nomi i50135.2Bronze2
Nomi i55105.2Bronze1
Nook BNTV4605.2Bronze1
Nous NS50084.8Bronze1
Nubia NX541J5.0Bronze1
Nuu A35.2Bronze3
Nuu N5001L4.4Bronze4
Oem_allo Nomi i50115.2Bronze1
Oem_allo i50305.2Bronze1
Oppo A33w5.2Bronze1
Oppo A37f6.0Bronze2
Oppo A37fw6.0Bronze2
Oukitel C115.2Bronze1
Oukitel C5 PRO5.0Bronze1
Oukitel C85.2Bronze2
Oukitel C8 4G5.2Bronze1
Oukitel K10000 Mix6.2Bronze1
Oukitel U20 Plus7.2Bronze1
Philips S3092.0Bronze1
Philips S3185.0Bronze2
Philips S3375.2Bronze1
Philips S3865.2Bronze2
Philips X5865.2Bronze1
Pixus Pride5.2Bronze1
Pixus Raze5.2Bronze1
Positivo Twist S5.2Bronze1
Prestigio PMT3151_3G5.2Bronze2
Prestigio PMT3257_3G5.2Bronze1
Prestigio PMT3401_3G5.2Bronze1
Prestigio PSP3406DUO5.2Bronze1
Prestigio PSP3470DUO5.2Bronze1
Prestigio PSP3471DUO4.8Bronze6
Prestigio PSP3510DUO4.8Bronze2
Prestigio PSP5502DUO5.2Bronze2
Prestigio PSP5506DUO5.2Bronze2
Prestigio PSP5515DUO5.2Bronze2
Prestigio PSP5545DUO5.1Bronze1
Prestigio PSP5551DUO6.5Bronze1
Prestigio PSP5552DUO5.0Bronze1
Prestigio PSP7511DUO5.2Bronze1
Quanta QTAIR77.5Bronze1
Quanta QTAQZ35.9Bronze1
Quantum You E6.2Bronze1
Rca RCT6603W47M75.2Bronze1
Rca RCT6873W42BMF85.7Bronze1
Rca RCT6873W42BMF8KC5.7Bronze1
Rca RCT6973W43MD7.3Bronze1
Rca RCT6973W43R4.8Bronze2
Realtek ZIDOO_X9S7.0Bronze1
Redfinger RF-V660010.8Bronze1
Redfinger RF-V71009.6Bronze2
Rombica Smart Box v0086.0Bronze1
S-tell P750i5.2Bronze1
Samsung GT-I9060I4.8Bronze1
Samsung GT-I9060M4.8Bronze1
Samsung SM-A300F4.8Bronze21
Samsung SM-A300FU4.8Bronze1
Samsung SM-A300H4.8Bronze1
Samsung SM-A310F7.5Bronze10
Samsung SM-A500F4.8Bronze6
Samsung SM-A500H4.8Bronze3
Samsung SM-E500M4.8Bronze1
Samsung SM-G357FZ4.8Bronze1
Samsung SM-G360P4.8Bronze2
Samsung SM-G360T4.8Bronze2
Samsung SM-G360T14.8Bronze2
Samsung SM-G360V4.8Bronze1
Samsung SM-G361F5.0Bronze1
Samsung SM-G390F7.2Bronze1
Samsung SM-G530A4.8Bronze1
Samsung SM-G530AZ4.8Bronze1
Samsung SM-G530H4.8Bronze2
Samsung SM-G530T14.8Bronze1
Samsung SM-G530W4.8Bronze1
Samsung SM-G531F5.0Bronze1
Samsung SM-G531H5.2Bronze8
Samsung SM-G532F5.8Bronze7
Samsung SM-G532M5.8Bronze4
Samsung SM-G532MT5.8Bronze12
Samsung SM-G550FY5.2Bronze1
Samsung SM-G550T5.2Bronze2
Samsung SM-G570F7.2Bronze7
Samsung SM-G570M7.2Bronze17
Samsung SM-G600FY4.8Bronze1
Samsung SM-J100VPP4.8Bronze7
Samsung SM-J105M6.0Bronze1
Samsung SM-J106F6.0Bronze6
Samsung SM-J120A5.2Bronze2
Samsung SM-J120AZ5.2Bronze2
Samsung SM-J120F5.2Bronze18
Samsung SM-J120G5.2Bronze1
Samsung SM-J120H4.8Bronze5
Samsung SM-J200BT5.2Bronze1
Samsung SM-J200F5.2Bronze1
Samsung SM-J200G5.2Bronze1
Samsung SM-J200H5.2Bronze4
Samsung SM-J210F6.0Bronze2
Samsung SM-J250F5.6Bronze16
Samsung SM-J250M5.6Bronze2
Samsung SM-J260F7.2Bronze6
Samsung SM-J260M7.2Bronze1
Samsung SM-J260T17.2Bronze4
Samsung SM-J320A5.2Bronze2
Samsung SM-J320AZ5.2Bronze1
Samsung SM-J320F6.0Bronze13
Samsung SM-J320FN6.0Bronze3
Samsung SM-J320H5.2Bronze3
Samsung SM-J320M6.0Bronze2
Samsung SM-J320P4.8Bronze3
Samsung SM-J320V4.8Bronze1
Samsung SM-J320W85.2Bronze1
Samsung SM-J326AZ7.2Bronze1
Samsung SM-J327A7.2Bronze4
Samsung SM-J327AZ7.2Bronze1
Samsung SM-J327P5.6Bronze9
Samsung SM-J327R45.6Bronze1
Samsung SM-J327T7.2Bronze1
Samsung SM-J327T17.2Bronze34
Samsung SM-J327V5.6Bronze2
Samsung SM-J327VPP5.6Bronze4
Samsung SM-J327W7.2Bronze1
Samsung SM-J330F7.2Bronze16
Samsung SM-J330FN7.2Bronze2
Samsung SM-J330G7.2Bronze1
Samsung SM-J337A7.2Bronze6
Samsung SM-J337AZ7.2Bronze3
Samsung SM-J337T7.2Bronze1
Samsung SM-J400F7.2Bronze18
Samsung SM-J400M7.2Bronze7
Samsung SM-J415F5.6Bronze1
Samsung SM-J415FN5.6Bronze7
Samsung SM-J415G5.6Bronze3
Samsung SM-J50074.8Bronze4
Samsung SM-J500FN4.8Bronze4
Samsung SM-J500H4.8Bronze4
Samsung SM-J500M4.8Bronze6
Samsung SM-J510F4.8Bronze4
Samsung SM-J510FN4.8Bronze25
Samsung SM-J510GN4.8Bronze1
Samsung SM-J510H4.8Bronze2
Samsung SM-J510K4.8Bronze1
Samsung SM-J510MN4.8Bronze3
Samsung SM-J610F5.6Bronze1
Samsung SM-J610FN5.6Bronze3
Samsung SM-J610G5.6Bronze4
Samsung SM-J700K4.8Bronze1
Samsung SM-S120VL4.8Bronze5
Samsung SM-S320VL4.8Bronze2
Samsung SM-S327VL5.6Bronze60
Samsung SM-S337TL7.2Bronze26
Samsung SM-S357BL7.2Bronze1
Samsung SM-S727VL5.6Bronze10
Samsung SM-S820L4.8Bronze3
Samsung SM-T1135.2Bronze4
Samsung SM-T1165.2Bronze2
Samsung SM-T2304.7Bronze2
Samsung SM-T230NU4.7Bronze4
Samsung SM-T2314.7Bronze4
Samsung SM-T2805.2Bronze3
Samsung SM-T2856.0Bronze1
Samsung SM-T3504.8Bronze5
Samsung SM-T3554.8Bronze1
Samsung SM-T377A5.2Bronze6
Samsung SM-T377P4.8Bronze2
Samsung SM-T377R44.8Bronze1
Samsung SM-T377V5.2Bronze1
Samsung SM-T377W5.2Bronze5
Samsung SM-T3805.6Bronze4
Samsung SM-T3855.6Bronze1
Samsung SM-T387V5.6Bronze4
Samsung SM-T5504.8Bronze3
Samsung SM-T5554.8Bronze3
Samsung SM-T560NU4.8Bronze3
Samsung SM-T5615.2Bronze11
Schok freedom turbo7.2Bronze1
Senseit A1505.2Bronze2
Senseit A2472.6Bronze1
Senseit E5106.5Bronze1
Sigma_mobile X_Style_Tab_A825.2Bronze1
Sony E20036.0Bronze1
Sony F33115.2Bronze3
Sony G33117.2Bronze2
Sony G33127.2Bronze1
Sony G33137.2Bronze1
Sony H43117.2Bronze3
Spreadtrum DEXP Ursus 7MV2 3G4.8Bronze1
St ST36904.8Bronze1
TCL 4034E5.2Bronze2
TCL 4047D5.2Bronze3
TCL 4060W4.4Bronze8
TCL 5009D_RU5.2Bronze4
TCL 5010D5.2Bronze2
TCL 5010E5.2Bronze2
TCL 5015D5.2Bronze1
TCL 5015X5.2Bronze1
TCL 5017B4.4Bronze7
TCL 5022D5.2Bronze2
TCL 5023F5.2Bronze1
TCL 5025D5.2Bronze1
TCL 5027B4.4Bronze3
TCL 5033D_RU5.1Bronze5
TCL 5033O5.1Bronze1
TCL 5041C4.4Bronze13
TCL 5042D4.8Bronze1
TCL 5044D4.4Bronze2
TCL 5044G4.4Bronze1
TCL 5044T4.4Bronze4
TCL 5046D5.0Bronze1
TCL 5046J5.0Bronze2
TCL 5047D5.0Bronze1
TCL 5056D4.4Bronze1
TCL 5056E4.4Bronze3
TCL 5056I4.4Bronze3
TCL 5056N4.4Bronze7
TCL 5059D_RU5.1Bronze14
TCL 5059Z4.4Bronze1
TCL 5065N4.4Bronze1
TCL 5080X5.0Bronze2
TCL 6039Y4.8Bronze1
TCL 7044X4.8Bronze1
TCL 8050E5.2Bronze1
TCL 80635.2Bronze1
TCL 9022X5.2Bronze1
TCL 9024O4.4Bronze1
TCL A466BG5.2Bronze19
TCL A466T5.2Bronze4
TCL A502DL4.4Bronze29
TCL A570BL4.4Bronze4
TCL A571VL4.4Bronze41
TCL A573VC4.4Bronze1
TCL A574BL4.4Bronze40
TCL A577VL4.4Bronze11
TCL A621BL4.4Bronze26
TCL A846L4.8Bronze9
TCL ALCATEL_4034A5.2Bronze2
TCL Alcatel 7046T4.8Bronze1
TCL Alcatel_4060A4.4Bronze21
TCL Alcatel_5044C4.4Bronze3
TCL Alcatel_5044R4.4Bronze22
TCL Alcatel_5054O4.4Bronze3
TCL Alcatel_5098O4.4Bronze3
TCL REVVL 26.0Bronze3
Teclast P80H(D7C9)6.5Bronze1
Teclast P80h(D4C4)6.5Bronze1
Tecno C86.5Bronze1
Tecno CF76.0Bronze1
Tecno F4 Pro5.1Bronze1
Tele2 Midi_2_05.2Bronze2
Tele2 Midi_LTE5.5Bronze1
Tele2_maxi_lte Tele2_Maxi_LTE6.2Bronze1
Texet TM-50715.2Bronze1
Texet TM-80445.2Bronze1
Texet X-Plus(TM-5577)5.2Bronze3
Turbox Ray5.0Bronze1
Uhans A65.2Bronze1
Uhans MX5.2Bronze1
Ulefone S75.2Bronze1
Ulefone U008 Pro6.2Bronze1
Umidigi A37.5Bronze3
Umidigi A3_Pro7.5Bronze2
Umx U452TL4.4Bronze3
Umx U683CL4.4Bronze2
Vertex Eagle_4G5.0Bronze1
Vertex IMPRESS CLICK5.2Bronze1
Vertex Impress_Calypso6.2Bronze2
Vertex Impress_Eagle5.2Bronze2
Vertex Impress_Forest5.6Bronze2
Vertex Impress_Frost5.0Bronze1
Vertex Impress_Life5.2Bronze1
Vertex Impress_Luck5.2Bronze10
Vertex Impress_Nero5.0Bronze1
Vertex Impress_New5.8Bronze1
Vertex Impress_Ra3.7Bronze1
Vertex Impress_Razor5.0Bronze2
Vertex Impress_Saturn5.2Bronze1
Vertex Sun5.0Bronze1
Vestel W55HD7.0Bronze1
Vivo 16065.6Bronze1
Vivo 16105.6Bronze2
Vivo 16134.8Bronze1
Vivo 18017.0Bronze1
Vivo Y21L4.8Bronze1
Vizio XR6P1010.3Bronze1
Vkworld Mix Plus6.2Bronze1
Vodafone VF-895N4.8Bronze1
Vodafone VFD 11005.2Bronze1
Vodafone VFD 5275.1Bronze1
Vsmart Joy 110.0Bronze1
Wigor V37.2Bronze1
Wiko C210AE6.0Bronze2
Wiko LENNY25.2Bronze1
Wiko ROBBY5.2Bronze2
Wiko U FEEL5.2Bronze1
Wiko W_K3005.2Bronze1
Wileyfox Spark +6.5Bronze5
Wileyfox Spark X6.5Bronze3
Wileyfox Swift7.0Bronze2
Xiaomi 20148114.8Bronze1
Xiaomi 20148174.8Bronze1
Xiaomi 20148184.8Bronze1
Xiaomi Redmi 4A7.0Bronze765
Xiaomi Redmi 5A7.0Bronze20
Xiaomi Redmi 6A8.0Bronze45
Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A Lite7.0Bronze11
Xiaomi wt880474.8Bronze1
ZTE BLADE A06054.4Bronze1
ZTE BLADE A06224.4Bronze1
ZTE BLADE A3304.4Bronze3
ZTE BLADE A5 PRO5.2Bronze10
ZTE BLADE A5205.0Bronze10
ZTE BLADE A6106.5Bronze5
ZTE BLADE A9106.5Bronze1
ZTE BLADE L05105.2Bronze1
ZTE BLADE L74.8Bronze1
ZTE BLADE L7A4.8Bronze1
ZTE BLADE V082010.0Bronze2
ZTE Blade L35.2Bronze1
ZTE Blade S6 Lite4.8Bronze2
ZTE K815.1Bronze1
ZTE N818S4.4Bronze2
ZTE N91304.8Bronze7
ZTE N91364.4Bronze4
ZTE N95177.0Bronze1
ZTE N95194.8Bronze2
ZTE T3205.2Bronze9
ZTE Z107.0Bronze1
ZTE Z5151V7.0Bronze1
ZTE Z557BL4.4Bronze15
ZTE Z558VL4.4Bronze5
ZTE Z716BL4.4Bronze6
ZTE Z717VL4.4Bronze12
ZTE Z718TL4.4Bronze4
ZTE Z719DL5.1Bronze2
ZTE Z798BL4.4Bronze9
ZTE Z799VL4.4Bronze1
ZTE Z8124.8Bronze1
ZTE Z818L4.8Bronze1
ZTE Z828TL4.4Bronze5
ZTE Z8324.4Bronze1
ZTE Z8335.6Bronze1
ZTE Z8354.4Bronze8
ZTE Z836BL5.6Bronze8
ZTE Z837VL5.6Bronze8
ZTE Z8394.4Bronze13
ZTE Z851M4.4Bronze2
ZTE Z899VL4.4Bronze37
ZTE Z917VL5.1Bronze3
ZTE Z9567.0Bronze4
ZTE Z9584.8Bronze1
ZTE Z9657.0Bronze1
ZTE Z9717.0Bronze1
Zoji Z65.2Bronze1

For reference, here is a list of device models which have failed to meet these requirements for at least some devices, and the reason(s) why they failed:

All Models Seen That Have Failed To Meet Minimum Requirements

Airtab M83wKernel<3.8
Alcatel OT-5020Kernel<3.8 Cores<2 RAM<768MB
Asus ME302CKernel<3.8
Asus ZB500KLFreq<1GHz
Asus ZB551KLKernel<3.8
Blu Advance 5.0RAM<768MB
Device Surfer 8.31 3GKernel<3.8
Digma Optima 7.61 TT7061AWKernel<3.8 RAM<768MB
Digma Optima 7008 3G TT7053MGRAM<768MB
Digma Optima 7302 TS7068AWKernel<3.8 RAM<768MB
Digma TT7024MGKernel<3.8 RAM<768MB
Explay TabMiniKernel<3.8
Google Nexus 4Kernel<3.8
Google Nexus 5Kernel<3.8
Google Nexus 7Kernel<3.8
Google Nexus S 4GKernel<3.8 Cores<2 RAM<768MB
HTC Desire 210 dual simKernel<3.8 RAM<768MB
HTC HTC331ZLVWPPKernel<3.8
HTC HTC331ZLVWPPKernel<3.8
HTC One SKernel<3.8
HTC One SKernel<3.8
HTC One dual simKernel<3.8
HTC One miniKernel<3.8
HiSense Sero 7 ProKernel<3.8
Huawei P6-C00Kernel<3.8
I-mobile IQ5.1A ProKernel<3.8
Irbis SP06RAM<768MB
Ixion E340RAM<768MB
Ixion XL240Kernel<3.8
LGE LG-D415Kernel<3.8
LGE LG-D724Kernel<3.8
LGE LG-D855Kernel<3.8
LGE LG-VS450PPKernel<3.8
LGE LGL15GKernel<3.8 RAM<768MB
Lenovo A2010-aFreq<1GHz
Lenovo A319Kernel<3.8 RAM<768MB
Lenovo A706_ROWKernel<3.8
Lenovo A7600-HKernel<3.8
Lenovo P1ma40Freq<1GHz
Lenovo S850Kernel<3.8
M106 N106-IPSKernel<3.8
M8 M8Kernel<3.8 RAM<768MB
MTC SMART Sprint 4GFreq<1GHz
Meizu M5 NoteUnknownFreq
Micromax A093Kernel<3.8 RAM<768MB
Micromax D303Kernel<3.8 RAM<768MB
Micromax Q301RAM<768MB
Motorola XT1028Kernel<3.8
Motorola XT830CKernel<3.8
Motorola XT830CKernel<3.8
Oukitel K10000 ProUnknownFreq
Oysters Arctic450Cores<2 RAM<768MB
Oysters T72X 3GKernel<3.8
Oysters T80 3GKernel<3.8
Philips S307RAM<768MB
Philips S308Kernel<3.8 RAM<768MB
Philips S388Kernel<3.8
Philips W3568Kernel<3.8 RAM<768MB
Prestigio PMP5670C_DUOKernel<3.8
Prestigio PMT3408_4GFreq<1GHz
Prestigio PSP3527DUORAM<768MB
Rca RCT6378W2Kernel<3.8
Rk30sdk DIGMA iDsD10 3GKernel<3.8
Samsung GT-I9000Kernel<3.8 Cores<2 RAM<768MB
Samsung GT-I9100Kernel<3.8
Samsung GT-I9295Kernel<3.8
Samsung GT-I9300Kernel<3.8
Samsung GT-I9300IKernel<3.8
Samsung GT-I9500Kernel<3.8
Samsung GT-I9500Kernel<3.8
Samsung GT-I9505Kernel<3.8
Samsung GT-P3100Kernel<3.8
Samsung GT-P5100Kernel<3.8
Samsung GT-P5113Kernel<3.8
Samsung GT-P5200Kernel<3.8
Samsung GT-P5210Kernel<3.8
Samsung GT-S5312Kernel<3.8 Cores<2 Freq<1GHz RAM<768MB
Samsung Galaxy NOTE 9 SM-970FKernel<3.8
Samsung SCH-I435Kernel<3.8
Samsung SCH-I535Kernel<3.8
Samsung SCH-R830Kernel<3.8
Samsung SCH-S968CKernel<3.8
Samsung SGH-I747Kernel<3.8
Samsung SGH-M919Kernel<3.8
Samsung SM-G318HRAM<768MB
Samsung SM-G350ECores<2 RAM<768MB
Samsung SM-G350ECores<2 RAM<768MB
Samsung SM-G355HRAM<768MB
Samsung SM-G355HRAM<768MB
Samsung SM-G730VKernel<3.8
Samsung SM-G900AKernel<3.8
Samsung SM-G900AKernel<3.8
Samsung SM-G900FKernel<3.8
Samsung SM-G900PKernel<3.8
Samsung SM-G900VKernel<3.8
Samsung SM-G900VKernel<3.8
Samsung SM-J105HRAM<768MB
Samsung SM-J700PFreq<1GHz
Samsung SM-N900Kernel<3.8
Samsung SM-N900VKernel<3.8
Samsung SM-N920PKernel<3.8
Samsung SM-T210RKernel<3.8
Samsung SM-T211Kernel<3.8
Samsung SM-T330NUKernel<3.8
Samsung SM-T520Kernel<3.8
Samsung SM-T537VKernel<3.8
Samsung SM-T705Kernel<3.8
Samsung SM-T705Kernel<3.8
Samsung SM-T805Kernel<3.8
Samsung SM-T900Kernel<3.8
Samsung SPH-L710Kernel<3.8
Samsung SPH-L720TKernel<3.8
Samsung SPH-L720TKernel<3.8
Se-qicheng DVRKernel<3.8
Semc LT22iKernel<3.8
Sony C2105Kernel<3.8
Sony C5503Kernel<3.8
Sony C6603Kernel<3.8
Sony D2203Kernel<3.8
Sony D2302Kernel<3.8
Sony D2533Kernel<3.8
Sony D5803Kernel<3.8
Sony D6503Kernel<3.8
Sony D6603Kernel<3.8
Sony D6633Kernel<3.8
Sony SGP611Kernel<3.8
TCL 4009DKernel<3.8 RAM<768MB
TCL 4013DKernel<3.8 RAM<768MB
TCL 4035DKernel<3.8 RAM<768MB
TCL 6016XKernel<3.8
TCL A460GKernel<3.8 RAM<768MB
TCL A460GKernel<3.8 RAM<768MB
TCL A463BGKernel<3.8 RAM<768MB
TCT ALCATEL 4015TKernel<3.8 RAM<768MB
TCT MTC 970HKernel<3.8 Cores<2 RAM<768MB
Tele2 MiniRAM<768MB
Ursus NS370iRAM<768MB
Vertex Impress_FitRAM<768MB
Vodafone VFD 200RAM<768MB
ZTE N817Kernel<3.8 RAM<768MB
ZTE SMART StartKernel<3.8 RAM<768MB
ZTE Z667GKernel<3.8 RAM<768MB
ZTE Z752CKernel<3.8
ZTE Z793CKernel<3.8
Zopo ZP980Kernel<3.8
Zopo ZP998Kernel<3.8