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Effective Date: May 11, 2019.

PhonePaycheck users will be paid for the use of their phone’s processor while it is charging and connected to WiFi. There will be three payment rates: Active Rate, Standby Rate, and Inactivated Rate. Active Rate will apply when Neocortix is actively using the phone’s processor. Standby Rate will apply when Neocortix is not actively using the phone’s processor. Inactivated Rate will apply when Neocortix has not activated the phone for earning, and will be zero. Devices which do not meet the minimum Device Requirements will have their earnings rate set to the Inactivated Rate.

The Active and Standby Rates will depend on the phone model. We define three categories of phone performance: Gold, Silver and Bronze, based on ranges of Device Performance Rating (DPR, described below):

Category Active Rate Standby Rate
DPR >= 24
$0.027397 / hour
($240 / year for full-time use)
$0.000685 / hour
($6 / year for full-time standby)
11 <= DPR < 24
$0.013699 / hour
($120 / year for full-time use)
$0.000342 / hour
($3 / year for full-time standby)
DPR < 11
$0.006849 / hour
($60 / year for full-time use)
$0.000171 / hour
($1.50 / year for full-time standby)

For lists of devices which we have observed in the different categories, please see our Device Requirements page.

For example, for a user with one main Gold phone, available to us 8 hours/day, and one spare Gold phone, available to us 24 hours/day, and Actively used 100% of the available time, the user would earn $80/year for the main phone and $240/year for the spare phone, for a total of $320/year. This represents the best-case earning scenario for that user. The user will earn less if the phone is in the Standby or Inactivated state, some or all of the time. Neocortix will make every reasonable effort to keep user's phones Activated and earning as much as possible by finding paying customers for Neocortix Cloud Services, but we cannot guarantee that all phones will be in the Active earning state all of the time. You may not register emulated devices. Emulated devices will have their Earnings Rate set to zero and/or be removed from our system.

We calculate the Device Performance Rating of a device based on its device properties, including the number of CPU cores, clock speeds, and core types (ARM A7, A9, A15, A53, A57, etc.). A device with one A7 core at 1GHz clock rate has a Device Performance Rating of 1; this device would not meet our minimum performance requirements because it has less than 2 cores. A device with 4 A53 cores at 1.5GHz and 4 A57 cores at 2.1GHz has a Device Performance Rating of 39, and a Device Performance Category of Gold. You can find the properties of a device, and its Device Performance Rating and Device Performance Category by installing PhonePaycheck on the device and going to the Menu -> Device Properties page.

We reserve the right to modify the Payment Schedule or add other rates for other conditions as we deem necessary, without notice. Neocortix is not liable for Loss of Future Income or Loss of Future Profits if your devices or accounts are blocked for any reason, earnings rate is set to zero or changed, or devices do not meet our Minimum Requirements. When we update our Payment Schedule, we will post a new Payment Schedule to our website and update the Payment Schedule available in the PhonePaycheck app.

Users will be identified by their Google account email address and their PayPal account email address. Users with more than one phone running PhonePaycheck will see their total accumulated earnings from all phones displayed on each phone. For example, if one phone has earned $5 and another phone has earned $12, both phones will show that the user’s account has earned a total of $17. When the user redeems money from their PhonePaycheck balance to their PayPal account, both all phones will be updated to reflect the new balance. For example, if the user above has $17 in their account, and they redeem $11, both phones will show the new balance of $6.

Users must have a minimum balance of $10 to redeem money to their PayPal account, or to donate to a charity. Minimum redemption or donation amount is $10. Each user can activate up to 5 phones. We reserve the right to deactivate earning on the phone or set the earning rate to Inactive (zero) or Standby Rate, at any time, for any reason.

You may not register devices on more than one Google account, and you may only redeem earnings from devices associated with that single Google account to a single PayPal account. Attempts to redeem earnings from devices associated with other Google accounts will be blocked. No more than two individual accounts per household. The owners of the accounts must live in that household. No more than 10 devices sharing an Internet connection. The devices must be located in the household of the owner of the account to which they are registered.

Charitable donations will be accumulated by Neocortix, and paid quarterly in full to the respective charities, and we will post total donations to each charity on our website within 30 days of making the donations. Charitable donations will neither be taxable nor tax-deductible.

If a given user's annual earnings are less than $600, the earnings will not be taxable and no IRS Form 1099 will be issued. If a given user's annual earnings are $600 or greater, those earnings will be taxable and an IRS Form 1099 will be issued. We will require your Social Security Number or foreign Tax Identification Number and proof of identity to redeem more than $600.