Neocortix Cloud Services

A New Kind of Cloud Service.

Conventional Cloud Services put their servers in a few huge data centers. Neocortix Cloud Services uses smartphones all over the world.



So our customers can do some powerful, new things that they couldn't do before.

Last Mile Load Test™

Many companies perform Load Tests on their web servers, to make sure they can deliver fast web pages even with lots of traffic. We allow them to do a Last Mile Load Test™, where they can measure the response time all the way out to the end-user's location, at the end of the "Last Mile", all over the world. This is vitally important to guarantee good worldwide customer service to ensure customer retention.



We are now partnering with leading Load Test companies to enable them to break free of the Data Center and offer Last Mile Load Test™ services to their customers. For more information, and to arrange a demo of our system, please Contact Us.