Easy Money.

Get paid to let us use your smartphone processor while you're not using it. Download the app and start earning, it's that easy.

Easy money

How It Works.

We use your smartphone processor when you’re not using it – when your phone is charging and connected to WIFI. So we don’t drain your battery or use up your data plan.

Too Good To Be True?

No Snooping.

We don't have access to any of your personal information. We can't see your photos or videos, we can't listen to your conversations, and we don't use your precise location.

No Ads.

We don't display ads. And we don't collect information about you to sell to advertisers. No Ads.

No Evil.

We use your processor to help our customers get their work done. For example, we help businesses test their websites. We only use your processor to do legitimate, legal, and ethical business.

Show Me The Money.

Top-earning users will get $80/year for letting us use their phone* while it is charging 8 hours at night. Or $240/year for a spare phone charging all the time. That adds up to $320/year for a main phone and one spare!

* modern Android smartphone such as Galaxy S6 or S7. Earning rate depends on phone model. Only available on Android. Limited to 5 phones per user, and only one user account per person. Emulated devices are not permitted. We are currently signing up our first 1000 users, later users will be put on a wait list for activating their service. See Payment Schedule and Terms of Service for details.

Show me the money

Giving To The People.

Instead of buying lots of computers, we're paying people all over the world for the use of their idle phones. And we give them the opportunity to donate their earnings to their favorite causes.

Too good to be true